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Your Yacht Charter Cannes Summer Offers

Rent this Prestige 420
Van Dutch 40
€270,- per person
Rent this Prestige 420
Feadship Najade 
€635,- per person
Rent this Prestige 420
Leopard 24
€500,- per person
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Charter a yacht in Cannes and enjoy the French Riviera 
Are you ready to mingle between thousands of luxury boats and yachts in this French port in the French Riviera? With a yacht charter in Cannes you can explore the beauty of the entire French Riviera on an extraordinary sailing vacation you will never forget.
Experience the Cannes Film Festival on one of our yacht charters! 
Charter a yacht during the Cannes Film Festival and enjoy the sights of the environment and the movie stars that show up every single year. The Cannes Film Festival is held at the Palais de Festivals. Make sure you visit this Festival at least once in your life!
Featured yacht charters in Cannes 
Boatsters offers their community a top 3 featured yachts and boats, based on the best reviews received from previous renters. By renting one of these boats, you’ll make sure you can have an unforgettable sailing vacation. 
Cannes has variety of activities
Film of course, but also the sea, well-being romanticism or. Cannes is distinctive, varied and multiple . Allowed for the few joyful ones close to the Palais des Festivals. The Lérins Islands are a spiritual icon and the nautical history of Cannes. Sport and relaxation on the shores, the marine bathrooms (spa) opened in the year 2009, as well as the numerous hot tubs and institutes of beauty, complement the offer of wellbeing. The lovers, eventually, will locate a dreamspot to go to in the city of Cannes.
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Rent this Prestige 420
Bavaria 36
€333,- per person 
Rent this Prestige 420
Carpe Diem IV
€1000,- per person
Yacht charter in Cannes
Cannes has one of the most beautiful and luxurious shores in the Eastern Mediterranean area. Sailing along this coastline makes a truly amazing view accross the waters. You can choose to take your chartered yacht towards Monaco or even sail towards San Remo past Monaco to enjoy the full luxury of the coastline. 
Ethnic and historic Sites 
Museums, historic monuments such as the Lérins Islands, churches, villas, castles, historical places of interest are many in Cannes. Birthplace of the city, the neighbourhood of the Suquet is the entrance in regard to the Cannes Film Festival. The abbey on the Saint-Honorat Island is a natural complement of this hill. For anyone that wishes to get Cannes in one turn, the small train as well as the panoramic bus offer day-to-day discovery tours of the city. More uncommon, an express only accessible by Segway, and visits by Segway that's a contemporary kind of private transport of 1 or 2 hours. 
Cultural events 
Your sesame is the ethnic season proposed every year by the Palais des Festivals, which will be a diverse programming with a lot of performances of dancing, theater, concerts along with other artwork of the scene arranged through the entire year. 
Visit the nature around Cannes 
Three important sites are essential to the channel of the Siagne River, the park of La Croix des Gardes, as well as a stay in Cannes: the Lérins Isles. They are the powerful aspects of the natural heritage of Cannes. 
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