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Sweden is the biggest Scandinavian country. The country has a lot of big cities with beautiful highlights but also knows a phenomenal nature. You can watch the Northern light but there are also as many as 15 World Heritage sites. Furthermore, Sweden is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so you can live like a prince or princess.

As mentioned earlier, Sweden has a lot of nature. There are mountains, grasslands and best of all, around 96.000 (!) waters and lakes. The water is very clear and clean, so you could even drink it. Besides that, the country is also surrounded by a lot of water. In Sweden Boatsters offers an amazing collection of rental boats to sail all these waters with.

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Stockholm is usually termed the Venice of the North as it sits astride the principal waterway from Lake Malaren to the Baltic. The Stockholm archipelago is a World Heritage Site with rocks and about 2600 gorgeous islands and skerries – supplies sailing reasons that are stunning for yacht charters with excellent sailing states! Some islands are nicely equipped with ports, country stores, resorts and enchanting eateries, whilst other islands only have harbours that are natural and so are completely abandoned. There’s a stunning wealth of wildlife that is thriving, as well as a lot of variation for sailors.

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Sailing south of Stockholm visitors encounter a more quiet archipelago, considered by some to be a lot more amazing than the Stockholm region thanks to its wealth of naturally breathtaking harbours that are tranquil. Even in the peak of summer you might well be totally alone in seclusion and complete peace. Some think it’s much more amazing although this region is not as populous than the Stockholm place. The West Coast in Sweden is among the very magnificent sailing regions in Europe. A large number of islands lie scattered along the shore from Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, all of the way up to Oslo the Norwegian capital.

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Chartering a yacht in them magnificently clear blue waters is the ideal solution to find some of many areas that are untouched, and explore the charming small fishing hamlets with a backdrop of dense woods and intensely green countryside. The season for boat rental in Sweden is from June to September. Throughout the summertime the sun barely sets and during the night it never gets dark in June/July. June 21st is a public holiday everybody celebrates with a celebration!

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