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Australia has something to offer for everyone like yacht charters in the most beautiful destinations. This immense country located in the southern hemisphere and surrounded by the Indian and pacific ocean is rich in breathtaking nature but also has a large variety of cities along its coastline for the boat fanatic to explore.

When you say Australia, you say kangaroos, the Opera House and Bondi Beach. But also the (under)water world of Australia has much to offer. You can go for a dive in the Great Barrier Reef or relax at the Golden Coast. Another possibility is to go sailing along the Whitsundays by chartering a yacht in the Northeast coast of Australia.

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The Whitsunday Islands have sufficient anchorages to keep you busy for months of happy cruising. Nara Inlet is our proposed first night stop. Nara is simple to achieve and its waters are protected so you’ll have a comfortable first night as you get used to the rental yacht. There are various anchorages and moorings to select from. Stonehaven is popular, and if you’re adventure minded, you’ll find falls to explore. Langford Island is a prolonged, mainly sandy strip that almost disappears at high tide. Langford is an enjoyable day stop for calming on the beach and for snorkeling on the western end.

There are substantial reefs, nevertheless, and navigating through them is best in a good light with a lookout on the bow of the rental yacht. Hamilton is a superb mid charter stopover to fill water tanks, fuel up and store. The island Marina Village has restaurants, bars, specialty stores, a bakery and a supermarket to look after any needs, food or otherwise. You can hire a golf cart and explore the island, or take benefit of a chance to stretch your legs on pleasant walks around the island.

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Walking and driving not your thing? Perhaps booking a scenic flight to get a bird’s eye view of the reefs is in order? The size and the vast expanse of shoreline that Australia has to offer helps it be ideal for boat rental holiday. Renowned for its large quantity of water sports opportunities, from action packed jet skiing, water skiing and diving in the vast under water world of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s among the most comprehensive and thrilling boat rental destinations in the world. There are a variety of different charter itinerary available options for Australian rental boats that could include a wide range of magnificent locations like idyllic Whitsunday Islands, the island of Tasmania injured and architectural and multicultural highlights of Sydney.

Why Charter a Yacht in Australia

Step ashore and charter guests may explore vast wine countries, intriguing towns and an assorted mixture of native and contemporary cultures. Chartering a yacht in Australia offers allround activities, various areas in Australia are best suited for various months of the year. For instance, the Great Barrier Reef boasts perfect sailing conditions between April and November before the wet season kicks in from December to March. The Kimberley and Queensland coastlines are an ideal choice between the months of November to late October while the Sydney dry season runs from November to January.

Take a look at our astonishing selection of yachts and boats for charter in Australia. Find the ship that fulfills your needs and enjoy the sensational waters of down under Australia!