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Brazil is the biggest country in South America. Home to the largest river of the world, the Amazon, it has many options for boat renters to explore and discover its many wonders. The Brazilian carnival is a great example of the festive mindset and cultural accentuation on living a happy and adventurous life which Brazil has become known for. Brazil is with its 8.5 million square kilometers, the biggest country of the southern hemisphere. You can imagine that this country has many climates such as Savanna, subtropical sea climate and a tropical climate. There is a lot to do. In the big cities you can watch a soccer game of world class but in the amazon you can enjoy the extensive nature.  Brazil has 40.000 waterways, which can be sailed. So it is surely worth so make your stay in Brazil complete with a sail journey and discover all the beautiful places.

Lopes Mendes beach in Angra dos Reis gets the best white sand that squeaks underfoot. It’s a feel comparable to cornstarch leaving only an excellent, powdery, movie on the feet. Preta beach houses the ruins of the old penitentiary, and has dark monazite sand. Parnaioca is advantageous to wreck diving and has a crash of a classic freighter. Bananal beach has yellow sand that is incredible.

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Located south of the Rio de Janeiro City, the vast bay in Angra dos Reis features one for each day of the entire year, 365 verdant islands, with more than     2, 000 magnificent shores. Some isles are private playgrounds for the media, supermodels and rich businesses, but a lot of them are pure testaments to nature. Cruising, diving, and hiking, water sports, fishing, and outstanding snorkeling may be carried out through the area. Whether you want to discover environmental treasures in national parks or go clubbing in pubs that are exclusive, there is something for everybody on the Green Coast in Brazil. The town of Paraty is a National Historical Patrimony, meaning it maintains architectural tradition and its innumerable natural wonders.

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Founded in 1667, Paraty loved great economic value because of its sugar mills and plantations. As a bustling port, it saw lots of gold and precious gems find their long ago to Portugal through the years. Now, Paraty is well known because of its charming old city with customs, restaurants, music, artisans and, needless to say, great pure beauty. In the event that you would like to find exotic and new boat rental destinations, you should think about the exotic tropical area of Southern Brazil! Brazil of course gives the dramatic Rio de Janeiro, with its world famous Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Impanema and Copacabana beaches, but Brazil now offers some astonishing boat & yacht charter places, within short reach.

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Should you take a helicopter ride or head south about two hours by space shuttle, you’ll shortly be in the area the locals lovingly refer to as Angra dos Reis. Angra offers 365 islands and 2000 shores that are over open to the charterer. It’s possible for you to decide to embark on a four night, seven nighttime or ten nighttime boat rental experience exploring, diving, sea kayaking, snorkeling, environmental walks, shopping, even getting pampered in a quiet, high end isle resort, or enjoying local cuisine. Your range of itinerary will change, and we urge that you can give you expert guidance and talk to one of our charter specialists that have been there.

But here are a number of the conventional highlights of a Angra charter: Angra dos Reis is 151km south of the recommended as well as Rio jumping off point in the event that you’re flying into Rio de Janeiro to start your charter. Marina Verolme offers marina store, a restaurant offering local cuisine and great safe dockage. It might be organized for your own group, in the event you would like to get there by helicopter and you could possibly disembark directly in the marina for departure on your yacht. Of the 106 shores you’ve for surfing as Lopes Mendes or calm bays to anchor overnight, such as the bay of Das Palmas ocean beaches.

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