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Hurricane Irma

The island of Saint Martin suffered from the devastation that Hurricane Irma brought on with her last september in this tropical paradise.

This is why we at Boatsters want to help the people in need on this lovely island. In cooperation with the owner of the Sherakhan and Boatsters is starting a charity fund to raise money and awareness around the island of Saint Martin.

Bring back

St Martin

The Sherakhan will venture towards the Caribbean islands on the 14th of December so it will arrive on time for Christmas on St Martin filled with supplies for the entire island. The Sherakhan is also available for charter in the Caribbean over Christmas and New Year. After a decade of succesful chartering in the Caribbean during the Winter, and in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Owner has agreed to donate $20.000 per booking.

Sending supplies with the Sherakhan

The Campaign

– Until the 14th of December we will be gathering Christmas packages for the St Martin locals
– The fundraising event in Amsterdam will start on the day of the departure of the Sherakhan towards the Caribbean filled with supplies
– Sponsors will be welcomed during the fundraising event as well as influencers and entrepreneurs
– Between the 23rd and the 25th of December the Sherakhan is expected to arrive at the island of St Martin and will unload the ship with the help of locals

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Send your Christmas spirit over to the island of St Martin! With your help we can start giving back to the people who gave us so much during the charter seasons. After the hurricanes, the island still has a far way to go to rebuild the entire paradise.

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The Sherakhan

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