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Discover Greece on your Yacht

Greece is renowned for its rich history. Home to great minds such as Plato and Homer and well known for some of the finest architecture the world has ever seen. But Greece has much more to offer then a rich cultural history: beautiful beaches, a delicious cuisine and a great diversity of islands. A yacht charter is the ultimate way to discover the amazing features Greece has to offer and you can do it in complete freedom! Greece never ceases to amaze.

Greece has more than 6000 islands. So, this is a wonderful opportunity to get on board! Sailing through the clear blue Aegean Sea, looking for all the beauties these islands have to offer. For example, have a look at the island Santorini, where all the houses are white with blue roofs, or sail to Crete, where you can party all night long.

Sailing along the Greek coast is popular and you can rent yachts and boats with the lowest price guaranteed, which are directly bookable. Check out the places in Greece below for more information and the unique boats offered by our community.

Welcome to beautiful Greece

Charter a yacht to Athens and go back to the Antiquity. In Athens you will find many ruins, museums and old buildings. The Akropolis is the most famous ruin and is also the symbol of Athens. Besides that Athens has the Pantheon, a temple on top of the hill. Furthermore, the Amphitheatre of Dionysos is worth a visit. Take a seat and try to imagine yourself that 17.000 Greek watch plays in this authentic theatre.

The beauty of Greece discovered with a yacht charter

Enjoy your stay aboard your yacht

Sail along the Greek coast and discover the renowned Greek islands. When you’re around the corner, this is the chance to discover the Greek islands. The islands Greece offers makes the country seem enormous when you sail by them with your yacht. Islands nearby Athens are for example Egina, with a hilly landscape, amazing beaches and stunning highlights but also Hydra, a car-free island where you can enjoy a good fishplate. You can download our E-book for more itinerary’s by filling in your details below.

The perfect yacht charter itineraries in Greece

Boatsters in Athens

Boatsters offers a great assortment of boats in Athens. Because we want to give our community the best time on the water, we provide you with over 2000 of the finest yachts & boats for charter in Greece you can choose from!