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Go to the northwest of Italy to Naples and you’ll find one of the top boating areas, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town is among the biggest in Italy with a monumental portrayal of Greek and Roman designs dwelling in a single location. There are a lot of squares, museums and monuments worth seeing in the historic district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Naples. Even though the summers have a tendency to get somewhat dry the climate in the area is very mild and enjoyable.

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Excursions are made by the boating services in Naples to Civitavecchia. For longer voyages, cruise to Livorno or to one among the Tyrrhenian isles of Sardinia and Corsica. Sanremo Yacht Charter. Sanremo is a resort city situated on the most famous Italian seaport on the Mediterranean as well as the Italian Riviera close to the French border. The closeness in France has casted a moderate influence on the resort, changing it into a glorious amalgam of Italian and French customs. The climate in the area is pleasantly light with hot daytime appropriate for all types of water activities, followed by chilly nighttime when one take a break from the heat and can cool off.

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An extensive variety of water vehicles can be found on the piers of Sanremo going along islands and the Italian coast, or in the other way to the best French resorts. It’s possible for you to let luxury yachts and motorboats and visit the thriving Nice town or meet with film stars in Cannes. Just in case you’ve sufficient time on your hands, a drawn-out cruise from the first Italian port on the Ionian Sea in the last on the Mediterranean one is going to allow you a wonderful holiday with a little history, artwork, culture, and gourmet cuisine, and thoughts to last a very long time.

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Boat to Port Cervo and enjoy this luxury holiday destination
Porto Cervo is located in the north of Sardinia on the picturesque Costa Smeralda. With the most luxurious yachts located in the marina of Port Cervo, this view is one you don’t want to miss. The Costa Smeralda is known for its white sand beaches and its authentic look.

Don’t forget to go off board to discover the variety of spectacular caves and don’t forget your diving kit to also see this unique piece of nature underwater. For example, you can find a skull of a deer, which dates back to the last ice age. You only find such things in Sardinia!

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