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Thailand is a country in the South-East of Asia. Along the coast are hundreds of islands located with each their own story, habits and traditions. A holiday in Thailand would not necessarily have to be a backpack trip. At all the amazing beaches you are able to relax, on every corner of the street you can eat delicious food and also the nightlife is not inferior to the rest. 

Thailand offers breathtakingly pretty places. A view on crystal clear water, surrounded by amazing pieces of nature. Streetfood, fascinating sightseeing and thousands of smiling faces.

The primeval kingdom of Thailand is a mystic land renowned for colourful culture, exceptional cuisine, spectacular scenery as well as the friendly temperament of the locals. All your perceptions wills certainly awaken – from luscious jungles to historical ruins and tropics islands, it’s not difficult to see why over 12 million visitors arrive every year. This stunningly lovely state can be found in the heart of South East Asia, offering an excellent array of actions that like kayaking, snorkeling, diving and sailing. Thailand supplies incredible natural scenery and lots of pristine beaches and tropics islands to explore.

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A boat rental in Thailand is a perfect chance to study the Andaman Sea. Yacht and catamaran rentals in Thailand allow you to find a rich and varied culture and visit some awesome sites, such as Phang Nga, Phi Don, Koh Sat, Ao Nang, Tum Phra Nang, Krabi, real jewels of Thailand. Phuket and the Andaman Sea form a special marine land nestled between tropical islets, spectacular cliffs, mountains and idyllic creeks. Sailing about 28 km southeast of Phuket brings you to the Phi Islands – one of the favourite tourist destinations in southern Thailand. Spectacular anchorages suited to overnight stays, as well as the enchanting hamlets offer lunchtime stops that are exceptional.

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Most of the islands in this area are ringed in marine life with dazzling coral reefs so rich that you will be enticed to spend your time all in the water. The Similan Islands are located approximately 54 nm northwest of Phuket. These 9 granite islands are distinctive since they’re covered by thick tropical jungle just as towering limestone monoliths really are a differentiating geographic characteristic of southern Thailand. Mu Koh Similan National Park offers a number of the best diving places in the planet, and protects the areas natural resources. The same volcanic eruptions that created such island that was spectacular landscapes eons past additionally created equally spectacular under water seascapes.

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You want a specialist to assist you plan your excursion as Thailand is new to many charterers. We pride ourself on our knowledge of the area and can help you with your charter planning as well as finding you the ideal boat. The key yacht chartering area of Thailand is the grandeur of the destination along with Phuket due to it is vast level of yachts. On the other hand, the Gulf of Thailand as well as the Andaman Sea also have fabulous yachts accessible. Within all those areas many spectacular sailing places found and may be seen from the comfort of the wonderful yacht. A Thailand charter offers experience, culture and variety that you will be always amazed!

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